1. Who is dtac?

dtac is a Thai-listed company providing mobile telecommunication services with 4G/3G/2G technology throughout Thailand. At end of 2015, dtac served more than 25 million subsribers.

2. When was dtac set up?

dtac inaugurated on 1989.

3. How many spectrum dtac using to provide service?

dtac currently uses 50MHz bandwidth of spectrums, consisting of 10MHz bandwidth of 850MHz, 25MHz bandwidth of 1800MHz, 15MHz bandwidth of 2.1GHz

4. What was dtac's total revenue in 2015

87,753 million THB

5. What was dtac's EBITDA in 2015

27,941 million THB

6. What was dtac's net profit in 2015

5,893 million THB

7. Whare is shares of dtac traded?

The Stock Exchange of Thailand (www.set.or.th)

8. What is dtac trading symbol?

dtac's ticker symbol is "DTAC" on the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

9. How can I purchase dtac shares?

dtac shares are publicly traded on the Stock Exchange of Thailand and can be purchased through a securities broker.

10. Who is dtac’s registrar?

dtac's registrar is Thailand Securities Depository Co., Ltd. (TSD). For further TSD information, please visit http://www.set.or.th/tsd/en/tsd.html

11. Where can I find information about dividend payments in previous years?
12. Where can I find dtac’s current & historic share price?

For current share price, please visit http://dtac.listedcompany.com/stock_chart_interactive.html
For historical share price, please visit http://dtac.listedcompany.com/historical_price.html

13. What is dtac’s dividend policy?

To pay out dividend not less than 50% of the Company’s net profits, depending on financial position and future business plans. The Company aims to pay dividend semi-annually.

14. Who is dtac's major shareholder

Telenor Asia Pte Ltd, holding 42.6% (as of February 2016)

15. When is dtac's fiscal year?

dtac's fiscal year is the 12-month calendar year from January to December.

16. Where can I find current and historical dtac financial statements?

Please visit Financial and Operational Info section of this site http://dtac.listedcompany.com/results.html

17. When is the next earnings release date?

The next earnings release dates will announced on News & Event section of this site (http://dtac.listedcompany.com/events.html)

18. Where can I find dtac's debt information?
19. How can I update information or ask questions about my shareholding?

Please Thailand Securities Depository Co., Ltd. (TSD), Tel (66 2) 009 9000, or SET Contact Center : (66 2) 009 9999.

20. Where can I get a copy of the Annual Report?

You can download files or read the Annual Report online at http://dtac.listedcompany.com/download.html