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3G Technology Third generation mobile phone technology
4G Technology Fourth generation mobile phone technology


Access Charge The charge paid to TOT for an access to TOT’s telecommunications network
ARPU Average revenue per user


Bandwidth The width of frequency band
BTO Build-Transfer-Operate


CAT CAT Telecom Public Company Limited (formerly the Communication Authority of Thailand)
CAPEX Capital expenditure
CDR Call Detail Record
CDP The Central Depository (Pte) Limited
Concession Agreement Agreement to Operate and Provide Cellular System Radio Telecommunication Service (as amended)


DTN, dtac TriNet dtac TriNet Company Limited


EDGE Enhanced Data-Rates for GSM Evolution


GB Giga byte, a billion of byte, which is a measurement of data volume
GPRS General Packet Radio Service
GSM Global System for Mobile Communications
GHz Giga Hertz, a billion of hertz, which is a measurement of frequency


HSPA High Speed Package Access, a 3G technology


IMEI International Mobile Equipment Identity
Interconnection Charge (IC) The cost-based charge paid to other operators for connecting into their networks
IMT International Mobile Telecommunications
IVR Interactive Voice Response System


LTE Long-Term Evolution, a 4G technology


MB Mega Byte, a million of byte, which is a measurement of data volume
MHz Mega Hertz, a million of hertz, which is a measurement of frequency
MMS Multimedia Messaging Service
MNP Mobile Number Portability
MOU Minute of use per user
MVNO Mobile Virtual Network Operator


NBTC The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission
Net addition The number of new subscribers acquired less the number of subscriber leaving during the period


PCN 1800 Digital GSM wireless telecommunications service under the 1800 MHz frequency band
Penetration Rate The number of SIM cards divided by the number of population


SEC Securities and Exchange Commission
SET The Stock Exchange of Thailand
SGX-ST Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited
Smartphone Mobile phone offering advanced capabilities, often with PC-like functionality
SMS Short Message Service


TOT TOT Public Company Limited (formerly Telephone Organisation of Thailand)
TSD The Thailand Securities Depository Co., Ltd.


UCOM United Communication Industry Public Company Limited


VAS Value Added Services
VOIP Voice over Internet Protocol


WiFi, Wi-Fi Wireless Fidelity, a type of wireless networking protocol

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