Registration of amendment to registered and paid-up capital

BackAug 31, 2007

Ref. TAC.LG 165/2550

30 August 2007

Re: Registration of an amendment to the registered and paid-up capital

To: The President The Stock Exchange of Thailand Enclosures: A copy of the Company's Affidavit

Dear Sir,

The Extraordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders No.1/2007 of Total Access Communication Public Company Limited (the "Company") held on 30 April 2007 approved the Company proceed with the corporate restructuring, which includes, among other matters, a selective capital reduction by cancelling 847,692,965 shares of the Company at a par value of Baht 2 each held by UCOM in the total amount of Baht 1,695,385,930.

The Company would like to inform you that the Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce completed the registration of the capital reduction and the amendment of the Memorandum of Association on 30 August 2007. Details of such registrations are as follows:

1. reduced the registered capital of the Company from Baht 6,439,547,190 to Baht 4,744,161,260;

2. reduced the paid-up capital of the Company from Baht 4,744,161,260 to Baht 3,048,775,330


3. amended the Memorandum of Association of the Company to be consistent with the above capital reduction.

Please be informed accordingly.


Yours truly,


Mrs. Netima Urthamapimuk
Division Head - Legal Division


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