Regulatory update on Interconnection with TOT PLC.

BackNov 14, 2007

On November 8 2007, Total Access Communication PLC ("Company") sent TOT PLC ("TOT") a notice regarding the interconnection charges. By such notice, the Company informed TOT that, since TOT had not accepted the offers made by the Company to accrue, in good faith, the interconnection charges payable to TOT at the rate to be agreed by the parties and/or at the rate as specified in TOT's RIO and had subsequently refused to enter into the interconnection agreement with the Company, the Company therefore has to cancel all offers mentioned above made by the Company and to terminate the two access charge agreements. It is further stated that the Company will no longer accrue any sum for payment of interconnection charges, and consequently, will no longer maintain any deposit for such charges for TOT's benefit in a separated bank account. Furthermore, the Company confirmed that it would only accrue the interconnection charge payable to TOT from the date on which TOT and the Company reaches an agreement on the applicable interconnection rate, provided that the parties have entered into an interconnection agreement.

It is further stated in the notice that the company requests TOT to enter into an interconnection agreement, without delay, with the Company pursuant to the Telecommunication Business Act B.E. 2544 and that the Company reserves its right to collect the interconnection charges and accrued interests from the incoming traffic from TOT.

Yours sincerely

(Mrs. Netima Urthamapimuk)
Division Head - Legal


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