Query Regarding Trading Activity on the Singapore Exchange

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Investor Release

IR 0019/2009

2 July 2009

Re: Query Regarding Trading Activity on the Singapore Exchange

To: The President of the Stock Exchange of Thailand

With reference to the query received from the Singapore Exchange regarding a substantialincrease in the price of dtac share recently, we would like to make the response as follows:

Question 1:

Are you aware of any information not previously announced concerning you (the issuer), your subsidiaries or associated companies which, if known, might explain the trading?

- If yes, the information must be announced immediately.

Answer 1: No.
Question 2: Are you aware of any other possible explanation for the trading?
Answer 2: No. However, low trading volume in the Singapore Exchange may sometimes cause a substantial change in share price.
Question 3: Can you confirm your compliance with the listing rules and, in particular, listing rule 703 (Disclosure of Material Information)?
Answer 3: Yes.

Please be informed accordingly,

Yours faithfully,

(Mr. Premon Pinskul)
Deputy Chief Financial Officer
Total Access Communication Public Company Limited

Investor Relations: IR@dtac.co.th
Tel (66) 2 202-8882


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